s01e08 - Running Away From Monkey Monsters

Episode 8

Jon’s office gets attacked by Romulans. They briefly discuss how terrible SOPA is. As the year winds down, Jamie and Jon realize that the whole tech world has gone crazy. Jamie tells a story of an email faux pas that became a happy holiday party. Naturally, that leads to a hardcore workflow conversation. They discuss an iPhone app they just found called Launch Center and debate whether it will help us get faster. We talk about Greplin, which is the iPhone app that lets you search your entire life. Jon wrote his magnum opus of iPhone home screen porn for Macgasm. Jon recently moved to OmniFocus for task management, as well as a bookmarking service called Kippt, so they discuss the various cloud buckets they use to get things done. They conclude with some playflow and Twitter follow-up to lighten the mood.

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